iReduce – the green app

iReduce – the green app

iReduce is an upcoming app that aims to make caring for the environment easier in many ways:

Reducing.. Distance

iReduce attempts to bring like-minded people closer together through technology. By using the app you automatically fall into the category of people who are trying to make our world a better place, without any hassle.

Reducing.. Waiting times

inconvenience strikes by definition at inconvenient times. iReduce will map people with knowledge, tools and many other tools who are willing to help out other people in need in order to get you connected with the right people at the touch of a button. Through this the makers are trying to bring back the feeling of community where helping and sharing are core values.

Reducing.. Your ecological footprint

Year after year we throw out more and more things. iReduce thinks it might be able to reduce this number by taking ‘broken’ but repairable devices out of the dumpster and instead connecting the right people, saving you a trip to the container park, costs related to this, and of course it helps Mother Nature!

iReduce relies heavily on connecting people which will require no additional effort or cost to make a difference. There will be a rating system in place to help with safety and reliability, and according to the developers the app is ready to be released. iReduce will be free for the first six months, with a yearly contribution of 0.89€ after that. The development team is currently running a crowdfunding campaign which can be found at

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