Kickstarter for Station is now live.

Kickstarter for Station is now live.

Today, Well-Lit Room has announced that their Kickstarter for Flashback inspired psychological terror title, Station, is now live.

Station sees the players assuming the role of an ordinary guy, working in a mining facility, deep under the Arctic Ocean. A survey crew has been sent by the ARC Corporation in search of exploitable natural resources. During a routine expedition, a mysterious incident suddenly throws the facility into a chaotic death-trap.

The game is all about actions and consequences and by utilising your environment, your powers of diplomacy, the players decide how to take on the threat. You play it your own way.

Features of station are:

  • Interaction with NPCs changes your Station experience
  • Players have total independence
  • Control the Station’s equipment, from robots to bathyscaphes
  • Retro inspired 2D visuals
  • Original soundtrack to draw players into the game’s universe
  • 10 hours of story driven immersion

People who would like to support the Kickstarter for Station can do that by clicking on this link.

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