Knights of the Old Republic: is someone working on a new game?

Knights of the Old Republic: is someone working on a new game?

EA (Electronic Arts) had been rumored at the beginning of 2020 to be involved in the development of a new game based on the classic Star Wars RPG series “Knights of the Old Republic.” As the license holder, EA had reportedly given the green light to a “remake” or “sequel of sorts.” The news was reported by Entertainment publication Cinelinx, quoting two different sources. A year later, a new story has appeared in various news outlets, on a fresh installment being developed “outside of EA.”

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The speculations on the new developments in the Star Wars galaxy have been fueled by the announcement that Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment is working on an open-world new game on the theme. The news was broken by Wired on Jan. 13th and revealed that Disney-owned Lucas Film was entering a partnership with Ubisoft to create an open-world Star Wars game. For eight years, no one apart from EA had developed Star Wars games. The new open-world project is led by Julian Gerighty, director of the first two The Division games, and will be powered by the studio’s Snowdrop engine. Development of the new game is said to have started nearly a year ago.

The mysterious new “Knights of the Old Republic” is a different story, in the works at the hands of an unnamed game developer, as reported by Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin in a recent podcast. This is the first time that someone suggests that KOTOR will find a new lease of life with a developer not connected to EA and its subsidiary BioWare, the game’s original creator. BioWare is best known for developing the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, and Anthem.

“Knights of the Old Republic” was released in 2003. This fan-favorite RPG is based on a story set some 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire’s rise, as featured in 1977’s Star Wars film. The Jedi versus Sith plot should include some elements from the first two games by BioWare and Obsidian, as the rumors go. There was a sequel, created by Obsidian in 2004, called “The Sith Lords,” but no mainline Knights of the Old Republic game in nearly 17 years since. No wonder then that there is so much speculation about a possible new installment. Other sources who have commented on the story include Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier and Nate Najda of Wushu Studios. In 2019, Lucasfilm had announced its intention to explore the “High Republic Era,” which includes a set of events happening several hundred years before the Star Wars movies.

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