New information for Just Cause 3 Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass

New information for Just Cause 3 Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass

The very first Just Cause 3 expansion called Sky Fortress will be released this March for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The owners of the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass can play the expansion 1 week prior to the release as a stand-alone download. The new Sky Fortress trailer has also been released.

Sky Fortress contains brand new missions that will introduce a new threat: a huge sky fortress and an army of deadly robotic drones. To defeat this brand new hero, Rico Rodriquez uses a brand new extendable Bavarium Wingsuit with rocket propulsion. This wingsuit is provided with machine guns on the shoulders and homing missiles. Rico also has a brand new personal defensive drone called Eviction and an assault rival called Bavarium Splitter.

Just Cause 3

The second pack in the Expansion Pass is called Land Mech Assault. This pack also contains brand new missions with a unique new vehicle that can also be used in the game itself. This vehicle is a heavily armoured mech with a gravity canon which can be used to pick up objects and throw them into the desired direction.

The Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass also contains the Bavarium Sea Heist, more information on this will be released in the months.

The Sky Fortress pack will cost players €11,99/ $11,99, the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass is available for €24,99/ $24,99. All 3 packs will be released before the end of the summer of 2016.

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