New screenshots released for Death end re;Quest

New screenshots released for Death end re;Quest

Idea Factory International has released a series of screenshots for their upcoming turn-based RPG titled Death end re;Quest, which is set to release on the 19th of February in North America and on the 22th of February in Europe for PlayStation 4 only.

Some time ago, Arate Mizunashi and Shina Ninomiya were working on a game called World’s Odyssey, an immersive virtual landscape powered by incredible technology, but the development was halted abruptly due to the disappearance of Shina. A little less than a year later, Arate receives a notification from an email sent to him by none other than Shina. After some digging, Arate discovers that Shina has been sucked into World’s Odyssey and he delves into the gigantic lines of code. Having abandoned it a year ago, bugs have been rampaging freely in the game and now Shina is its only active player. Soon after Arate realizes that he can’t pull Shina out of the game, and now her only way out is by completing the game and unlocking the perfect ending. Together, in both reality and virtual worlds, they stand united against the nefarious force that has managed to find its way into World’s Odyssey.

Death end re;Quest reinvents the classic turn-based RPG combat style as players can change the game’s genre by switching the game modes from RPG to fighting, shooter and even a slot mode. The switch between these modes is referred to as reality and fantasy modes, wherein players need to venture to investigate the workings of the real world whilst hopping in an in-game mode to battle against glitched-out monsters. Will you lead Shina to safety or have the bugs taken over control?

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