New trailer reveals Rally mode and Special Stage generator in V-Rally 4

New trailer reveals Rally mode and Special Stage generator in V-Rally 4

BigBen Interactive has revealed not one but two gameplay trailers for V-Rally 4. Both gameplay trailers reveal the extreme weather conditions in Malaysia and Kenia featuring the Rally game mode. As we all know, a rally consists of multiple timed stages in dangerous areas with often extreme weather conditions.

In the Rally game mode, you’ll be racing through the breath-taking environments of Malaysia, Japan, Siberia, Kenia, Sequoia Park and even Monument Valley. If you want to successfully finish these stages, you’ll need the aid of your copilot, who will hopefully steer you in the right direction in time. This isn’t a new mechanic in rally games but in addition to the pre-defined stages, a Special Stage generator will randomly open and close road intersections, allowing each environment to have hundreds of different possible routes. If you thought you could simply learn each bend by heart, you’ll be in much trouble. It is time to listen carefully to what your copilot has to say.

V-Rally 4 is set to release in September 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release at a later date.

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