New update incoming for Train Life: A Railway Simulator

New update incoming for Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Five months after its launch in Early Access on Steam, Simteract keeps adding content to Train Life. This is the first simulator that both let you manage as well as ride the trains in your railway company.

In this second update for Train Life, parts of Eastern Europe have been added to the game. You can now cross the German border to Poland and the Czech Republic to explore new areas. The update also introduces the new Lechner-Koch DP2500 locomotive. Two new scenarios have been added as well with unique challenges for both engineers and managers. The Service Center has also been renewed for easier purchasing customizing locomotives. The game has also gotten some quality of life improvements for an even better gaming experience.

Check out the trailer about this second update for Train Life below this post or our in-depth preview of the game (linked above).

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