No Place for Bravery gets a new launch window

No Place for Bravery gets a new launch window

Publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Glitch Factory have announced that No Place for Bravery has received a new release window. The game’s launch, which was previously announced for Q4 of 2021 will now make its debut in Q3 of this year, both for PC and Switch. The updated release window allows Glitch Factory to fully realize the developer’s vision of a timeless dark fable about the thin line between heroism and obsession.

No Place for Bravery tells the tale of Thorn, a berserker ready to lay down his sword for good, after a lifetime of battle and misery. That is, until he receives a new lead about his missing daughter Leaf. Thorn returns to an unforgiving, breathtaking world where a single misstep could mean his untimely demise. Players mad enough to embark on this quest alongside him will need to dash around danger with split-second timing…. Or adjust difficulty settings to enjoy the tale and save the challenge for another day.


  • Brave the land of Dewr, a devastated high-fantasy world full of bandits, murderers, and fearsome bosses.
  • Master demanding combat with well-timed slashes, blocks, and parries. Dewr won’t give you an inch.
  • Take up the sword, shield, and guilt of Thorn, an ex-soldier burdened by sin on a quest to save his family.
  • Search for Leaf, Thorn’s long-lost daughter, and uncover the truth of her disappearance.

For more, join the Discord servers for developer Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games, visit the No Place For Bravery website, follow Glitch Factory on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and keep up with Ysbryd Games on the official website and Twitter.

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