Obey Me – Review
Follow Genre: Brawler, Action
Developer: Error 404 Studios
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Tested on: PS4

Obey Me – Review

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Good: Great gameplay, Funny conversations
Bad: No cinematic material to accompany conversations outside of levels
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In this time of crisis, when you’re stuck with only your household day after day, you might want to try and find something new to play. Well, Obey Me offers some great gameplay while also offering the possibility to play with others from your home in couch co-op. As a team of a Soul Huntress and a big-mouthed Hellhound, you’ll fight through many levels filled with mutated demonic creatures. Tasked to find the traitor amongst your ranks, you will complete many missions alone, or together with someone next to you.


Set in a modern world where Heaven and Hell are in a millennial conflict for the souls of Mankind, Obey Me offers a 3D brawling experience that is really fun to play. As a team of a female Soul Huntress and a demon hound, you’ll fight your way through many demonic and mutated creatures to find a traitor amongst your ranks as you’re given this mission by Ammon, none other than Satan’s brother himself. While Vanessa Held, the Soul Huntress and her faithful Hellhound, Monty, traverse through the infested lands, there are many funny conversations to be experienced and a great plot that unfolds as you complete the game’s story. As you reach certain points in each level, Monty and Vanessa will talk with each other and after reaching the end of a mission, you’ll see some conversations between the boss and his secretary about your new mission.


The graphics of Obey Me aren’t that special, but the combination of colors and effects make the game look really good. As you continue your journey and complete levels, you’ll find new weapons for Vanessa Held that each has its own design that relates to their special effects. When you defeat bosses, the hungry Hellhound Monty will start devouring them, granting him new forms that also give him new powers equal to the bosses’ signature moves. With these new forms, Monty’s appearance also changes, giving him quite some new and awesome designs. The environments in this game are designed in a great way that really resemble the types of forces you’re up against in each mission. Most conversations outside of levels are accompanied by a still picture that shows the character talking on it. sadly, there’s no video material, but the great conversations make up for it more than enough.


While the game doesn’t have cinematic material, the conversations held by the characters in the game are great and the voice acting is done well. Many conversations lead to many rude remarks, and many hilarious comments from both sides. The background music accompanies the gameplay in a great way and won’t bore you at all. When entering boss fights, some special theme music for that fight will play, making it an even better experience to fight a boss.


Obey Me is a 3D action brawler that you can perfectly play in single-player and in a couch co-op mode with a friend next to you. You play as Vanessa Held, a young Soul Huntress and her trusty companion, the demon hound Monty. When playing alone, you’ll control Vanessa while Monty will move on its own and attack its own targets while in co-op mode, the second player will control Monty to work together and defeat your opponents with some good teamwork. The game has a good intro that shows you the basics of the controls. As you progress through the first levels, everything about combinations, upgrading your skills, and more will be explained when you first have the possibility to do it.

The gameplay of Obey Me is fairly simple. You have one command to attack that can be combined with a secondary attack command to perform combos with a heavy attack at the end. Vanessa has the ability to dodge incoming attacks quickly by warping a small distance from her position. Monty will attack your opponents on his own to aid you in battle, but he will also shoot fireballs at you that can be redirected by your own attacks to hit opponents. This may be a bit harder when playing alone, but in co-op, this can be coordinated to perfectly combine your attacks and hit your opponents with these fireballs. When Vanessa has acquired new weapons, she can switch them whenever she wants, even while performing attacks. Doing this will lead to new combinations that can have destructive effects.

Each enemy has spirit energy that increases when they’re hit by your attacks, When the bar of spirit energy is full, you can release a trigger attack to make use of the spirit energy collected inside this enemy to spawn spirit dust. After collecting enough spirit energy, Monty will shout that they have enough energy to fuse. When activated, Vanessa and Monty will fuse together making their attacks more powerful and you’ll also have the ability to regain your health by attacking and killing enemies. You can also use a shotgun in this form to hit multiple targets in front of you and deal massive damage.

Both Vanessa and Monty have their own skill trees to improve their attacks and unlock better combos. For Vanessa, these skill trees are linked to the weapons she has acquired while Monty’s skill trees are linked to his forms that are unlocked after defeating bosses. So, whenever you unlock a new weapon or a new form for Monty, a new skill tree will be unlocked as well, which makes the game really fun to continue playing. As you defeat enemies, you will gather souls, the currency required for unlocking new skills in your skill trees.


Obey Me is definitely a fun game to play in both single-player and in co-op mode. The story has a relatively interesting plot while the conversations really drive the story home with their overall wittiness. Unlocking new weapons for Vanessa and new forms for Monty add even more variety to the game and the ability to unlock more skills in various skill trees for stronger attacks and more combos in battle makes the game even more varied and interesting.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Obey Me - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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