Orbital Bullet Review Update

Orbital Bullet just released out of Early Access and we already had a few hours of fun with this title. We finished our review before the game was fully released and at the time of writing the story wasn’t implemented yet. As our busy schedule didn’t allow us to check the story implementation at the game’s full release we decided to do a small follow-up post to talk about a few new updates. The developers have polished up a few elements and added other things to the game, so we are happy to share our post-release update about our review.


The intro movie finally solves the mysteries around our character and the factions that are in the game. The story of Orbital Bullet takes place in 4532 AD. A huge interstellar hive-ship appears at the very edge of the galaxy. Immediately from the first contact, it becomes clear that the travelers onboard the hive-ship have evil intentions. One civilization after another becomes subjugated and enslaved by these evil aliens. The invaders go by the name Dread Corp and they won’t stop until every civilization in the galaxy is under their thumb. Humanity was on the brink of extinction and suddenly a small group of humans formed and founded the resistance. The resistance fought back valiantly, but sadly not for long. Dread Corp found the resistance and they launched a massive attack to evaporate every sign of human existence. Your character had its back against the wall, and in your final moments you decide to transfer your consciousness from your dying body into a cyborg. Now that you are the ultimate weapon against Dread Corp, it is time to show these invaders who’s the real boss.

Aside from the nicely crafted story to give you some answers to the questions that were raised during playing the game in Early Access, it looks like the large update also changed a few other things in the game. The graphics are optimized and running this game on high quality now looks fantastic and runs at a high stable frame rate. The interface has been tweaked a bit as well.

Gameplay-wise the game remained the same and all of its core functions are still there, even upgrading your character after dying looks exactly the same. One welcome upgrade is that all enemies now clearly show you when they are going to attack. In the past, this was done by a rather late and hard-to-see indicator, while now this has been replaced by a clear and distinguishable exclamation mark in bright orange above their heads. This makes dodging and combat in general a bit easier. On the other hand, the developers introduced a streak mode, where the game becomes much tougher the more runs you complete.


Orbital Bullet has seen a large patch to celebrate its launch out of Early Access. Its quality has become even better than before and with the various small improvements, it feels like the game has been optimized for the community which supported this game during its development. The interesting story gives you a reason to complete the game and it also sheds light on why you are able to return, death after death.

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