Pixel Worlds – first major update: pets!

Pixel Worlds – first major update: pets!

The first major update for Pixel Worlds is here! Pixel Worlds is the socially involved sandbox online multiplayer game from the Finnish developer Kukouri, where players create their own worlds using hundreds of different building blocks and materials. This update includes the most requested and anticipated game feature since Pixel Worlds’ soft launch on mobile platforms last year: pets (aka familiars)!

Four types of creatures are available for the players to acquire, grow and evolve through the familiar system: Bunny, Bird, Gremlin, and Robot. When ‘equipped’, familiars will follow the player within and across other worlds and when fed they will evolve through distinct family tree stages.

The economy in Pixel Worlds is run entirely by players so now with the new update players can take advantage of the newly introduced familiar system in several ways. Producing different food types as well as acquiring special devices for feeding and evolving takes a lot of time and effort, thus players have an opportunity to farm and sell food blocks; sell or lease their feeding devices, or specialize in growing and selling familiars altogether.

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