Playing Online with Real Money

Playing Online with Real Money

We’ve all seen the gaming industry evolve, be it the huge influx of games on the mobile market, the microtransactions in the triple-A titles and even the presence of online gambling. All of these have their benefits and of course also their negative attributes. The mobile market can be somewhat convoluted as to which games are any good, and which ones will not rob you as you play them, hopefully giving you a bit of progress in return. The microtransactions in big games are also hard to determine which are worth spending your money on. Some games force you to buy extra content to progress, while others simply allow you to support them with cosmetic upgrades. Then, last but not least, the gambling industry now has a massive presence online, and it’s sometimes quite hard to see which ones are reliable.

The gambling industry has many options and many sites for you to browse through. You can opt to play more themed games that are closer to more regular videogames, while others try and present you with a very authentic casino experience. For example, you can play online craps for real money, without having to worry about a dress code, the noise of all the different activities around you, not having to make a trip to an actual casino and to be honest, not having to deal with other people. It’s just fun to be able to have a small gamble from the comfort of your home.

While it is always still a gamble on which site you should spend your money on, sites with more information and more certificates, contact details and so on, are always your best bet. Try to steer clear from the obscure sites that give you hardly any information and solely offer giant bonuses for enrolling into the services. Of course, giving bonuses for online play are common, even for the qualitative sites. As always, we do recommend playing responsibly, trying to make sure you never get into trouble. Keep in mind that online winnings are fully taxable so you absolutely must report any winnings. Depending on the circumstance, you might also be able to deduct your gambling losses. To make things easy, you can use TurboTax Live to consult with a certified tax expert online, meaning you can get answers to all your financial questions without ever needing to leave your home in Oakland, Little Rock, Atlanta, or anywhere else in the United States. Ultimately, gambling can be very fun and entertaining, but only if you handle your money with care.

As the introduction states, playing with games has actually turned into playing with money. Buying a game doesn’t necessarily mean you bought all the game has to offer, which is sometimes a bit of a hassle. Some games pretend to be full games, only to harass you to buy additional content to progress or simply make the game playable. Other games actually charge for proper content, such as expansions or DLC. Microtransactions are getting frowned upon more and more, and even in some countries these MTX, in the form of loot boxes, are now getting banned. In Belgium, for example, you are no longer able to buy loot boxes on popular games such as Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. Even FIFA now has limited content in said country.

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