Post Human: W.A.R. – Review
Follow Genre: Strategy
Developer: Studio Chahut
Publisher: Playdius, Plug In Digital
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Post Human: W.A.R. – Review

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Post Human: W.A.R. is a game that’s very reminiscent of Final Fantasy Strategy, or Fire Emblem, if you aren’t that old. It’s developed by Studio Chahut and published by Playdius and Plug In Digital. Even though Studio Chahut hasn’t developed a game and this is their first entry, the publishers are rather known for games like Hover, Splasher and Pankapu, just to name a few, all of them have rather good scores on Steam, so there’s that.



Post Human: W.A.R. is set in a post-apocalyptic world –hold your pitchforks, it’s not bad a story- and humankind has bitten the dust. Before they died however, they created robots to aid them in their day to day life. Pollution and general callousness of the humanoid inhabitants caused their undoing, but the robots still functioned, doing whatever their previous ‘owners/creators’ told them to do, like cooking food, which just rots, because there’s no one to eat it. Now that they are free –in a sense- to do whatever they want –as long as it coincides with their previous orders- whenever they want, they’ve named themselves ‘RPATCH’ which is an acronym for : Robots of Protection for the Arts and Territories and Cities of Humanity. If they were the only inhabitants then it wouldn’t be so bad. However, during their lifetime humans were quite haphazard with their nuclear waste and because of it the ‘Stronts’ came into being, these little creatures are parasites and during human era, they were only capable of leeching and taking control of rats, and though the Stronts were peaceful creatures, the fact they inhabited rats made them unwanted pests.

Post_human_War_03Now they roam free and they’ve split up into two factions, there’s the Wraaks, who hate everything human and want to destroy it, and the Anthropists, who don’t really care and inhabit apes and their ilk, while recycling human technology and their whole culture. So there’s a threeway gangwar going on, Wraaks against Anthropists and RPATCH against both of them. That’s where you come in, you pick a side and kill of the rest in the story mode. For either: restoration, revenge or recycling.


The graphics of Post Human: W.A.R. are actually all in line with the goofiness of the story in the way it’s presented. The story is brought like it’s a children’s story, with goofy artwork and hand drawn images straight out of a child’s notebook. These graphics aren’t copied to the actual game, as that would make the game messy and unclear, but given more detail and polished, for a very cool, beautiful artsy aesthetic. The colours, the artwork, and the overall clarity and detail put into the game make for an experience that conveys the situation of your strategy quite clearly and that’s something that the developers really worked out to a T.



The music of Post Human: W.A.R. is very pleasant to the eardrums. The tunes are varied enough so they don’t become grating when you play the game for extended periods of time and the quotes by the characters you control are quirky and plentiful enough so they too don’t grow stale five minutes into a game.

What can be said of the voice acting is that the cut scenes in the tutorials are highly amusing and it’s a shame that the pop up messages in said tutorial aren’t voiced.


Post Human: W.A.R. is a strategy game. In it you buy your troops with currency at the beginning of the game and set a ‘hero’ which has to be beaten. So beat the opponents’ hero and you win, but if they beat yours, they win. Every troop has its strengths and weaknesses and you have to pay close attention to the map if you want to be victorious.


Like in Xcom, the map is littered with obstacles that impair the attacks of certain troops or damage the troops treading on them. There are tiles that weaken you by doing damage, or slow you down, so you can’t walk as many tiles as you normally can, there are holes in the maps that can only be traversed by certain troops, to name a few.

If you want an easier time winning, then you should definitely go for the opposing team’s totem. What happens when this is destroyed is that the team whose totem is destroyed will slowly die. Every turn that expires after the totem is demolished will inflict damage to the owner of the totem, so it’s in your best interest to guard yours and take down the opponents’ totem.


When playing against A.I. you can use all sorts of tactics to fool the machinery and coming out on top. That’s why, if you want a true challenge, you should take on other players in the online mode. Should you be playing an offline game in between online games, the game will be saved until you’ve finished your online duel. A neat little addition that helps you kill time when you’re not killing other players’ troops.


If you are looking for a strategy game with some rather tongue in cheek humour, then this game is something that will give you many an hour of fun. If however you think of strategy games as time consuming and tedious repetition, then you’d best steer clear from this game.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Post Human: W.A.R. - Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

First game ever was Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, ever since then, gaming has been something that I've gravitated to. Reading's fun but not as interactive. Always up for a bout of online multiplayer. If that multiplayer is co-op. So if you are up for a friendly co-op session, hit me up. Rahenik's the name to search on PSN.

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