Super Cops: Justice Keepers got a major update

Super Cops: Justice Keepers got a major update

In Super Cops: Justice Keepers you play as Mr. Justice, a cop with way more power than your usual guy in blue. You are such a special type of cop that you even have your own bunker and island, while on a mission to kill some type of evil overlord named Mr. Thorne. The game got released on the first of January and is available on iOS (€3.99, $2.99, £2.99) and Android (€4.19, $3.99, £3.69).

Super Cops got a big update the last few days, giving it new features such as support for joystick users and full-screen support for super-wide screens. There’s a new wave for the survival mode, new rare items, bigger chances on top item drops, and more. You can get the game for Android by clicking here and on iOS by clicking here.

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Super Cops: Justice Keepers got a major update, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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