The Three Key Dates That Any Games Fan Should Have In Their Diary For The Rest Of 2021

The Three Key Dates That Any Games Fan Should Have In Their Diary For The Rest Of 2021

Clear your schedules as the next few months are going to be busy ones for any fans of games. Here’s a look at some of the big dates that fans are already looking forward to this summer.

Euro 2020

One of the biggest games in the world is football. That’s why this summer there’s a lot of excitement surrounding one of the biggest football tournaments in the world. The Euro 2020 competition sees some of the best international teams across Europe play each other until one is crowned the champions of Europe. The big difference this year is instead of all the games being played in one country, there’s a whole host of different games across different stadiums across different countries that’ll be hosting all the games. As there can be up to 4 games played each day during the early stages of the competition, which starts on June 11th, it can be hard to keep up with all the action. Luckily you can find all of the fixtures and all of the latest Euro 2020 odds online on websites like Unibet, which employs a team of experts to help you keep up with the latest action as soon as it happens.


If you’re a fan of video gaming, then E3 really shouldn’t need much explaining. It’s the event where all the big new games and the exciting new pieces of technology have all been shown off for the first time in front of crowds of excited fans. This year, the only problem is that the event that starts on June 12th is expected to happen without the crowds of excited fans due to the coronavirus restrictions. Whilst the final details are yet to be announced, the big conference is expected to be held digitally this year. As all of the big three games console manufacturers have only recently just brought out their new consoles, we’re not expecting any new developments in development. Instead, it looks like this year is going to be about all the games we can look forward to playing on our existing devices.

The events after E3

Although E3 is the time where all the major names in the gaming world get together to announce their latest news, in recent years, a number of brands have shunned the big event and decided to hold their own events. The latest big brand to announced that they’ll be saving all of their big announcements until after E3 is Electronic Arts, better known as EA Games. The iconic brand famous for its sports games as well as the likes of Battlefield and numerous Star Wars games has announced its own event called Play Live for July 22nd. They’re not the only brand that we’re expecting to announce their own news in their own way this year. Big names like Activision, Epic Games, and even PlayStation are yet to sign up for the big E3 convention. Many people are expecting that’s because they’re planning their own events, although there is still time for these names to join the iconic conference.

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