The Troop gets a revised release date

The Troop gets a revised release date

PLA Studios and Giant Flame are gearing up for the full launch of their turn-based tactical game, The Troop. The game, rooted in World War II history, follows the British and Canadian forces as they confront the German Heer and SS in Normandy during the monumental events of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. Initially slated for release on October 11, the developers have decided to delay the launch by a week, with the official release now scheduled for October 18.

The Troop encapsulates a profound passion for World War II history and turn-based gaming. Players are transported to the battlefields of Normandy, where they can take command of infantry, motorized units, and armored divisions in intense, tactical turn-based combat against an AI opponent renowned for its challenge and unpredictability, yet fair and fallible in its strategies. The game pays homage to classic tabletop war gaming traditions while embracing the dynamic interactivity and excitement that a digital platform offers. Players have absolute control over their units’ actions, ensuring that unexpected pathing, premature firing, or inexplicable retreats don’t mar the strategic gameplay. A notable aspect is the dedication of the game’s fanbase, whose influence has shaped The Troop. In recognition of their support, powerful in-game ace units have been named after the game’s most devoted supporters.

Game Features

  • Story Mode: Immerse yourself in the historical narrative of the campaign from D-Day, assuming the roles of various units from both the Commonwealth and German sides as the Normandy campaign unfolds.
  • Skirmish Mode: Tailor your gameplay experience by choosing scenarios, factions, forces, and enemy restrictions. The ever-changing enemy tactics promise endless replayability.
  • Campaign Mode: In addition to the existing campaign featuring the 8th Armoured Brigade, three new campaigns will be introduced for the full release – 21st Panzer Division, SS Panzer Division, and 31st Tank Brigade.

The Troop is set to launch on PC via Steam on October 18, 2023, inviting players to step into the historical battlegrounds and experience tactical warfare like never before.

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