UK, Australia, Sweden – Self-exclusion system that can help millions

UK, Australia, Sweden – Self-exclusion system that can help millions

The third country to approve the self-exclusion system in the I-gaming industry in Australia. Parliament of Australia just passed the bill about the self-exclusion platform that became necessary for all digital gaming operators. As you may know, the exclusion system became a big hit from 2018 when the governments of first-tier countries decided to take care of citizens more.

Every online gaming platform in Australia will have to instill the self-exclusion system from the first of January of 2020. Online platforms consist of horse racing, betting, slot, and even digital casino venues. Yet the industry’s big players like Australia online casino have to implement the main rule and follow the footprints of the UK and Swedish operators.

What’s the self-exclusion system, and what are the benefits?

Have you ever wondered how to stop playing online games? I mean every online game, including join video games or even slot and casino related ones. Yes, it could be a bit hard to stop playing, and there are endless ways to do so. First of all, gamers try to deactivate their accounts and focus more on offline life. It could be problematic on a long-term goal. Deactivating may stop you for a few days or even weeks, but somehow, at some point, you will activate the account again and continue playing.

Deleting could be a bad sign for a long-term goal too. That’s why the self-exclusion system is the best approach we could ever come up with. The UK and Swedish governments were the first to allow the bill related to self-exclusion, and the system did wonders in 2019. After thousands of success stories, Australia decided to follow the footprints of the UK and Sweden.

Keep in mind that every I-gaming platform has to create a self-exclusion system. That will be a smart algorithm, and you’ll get a few questions about your gaming life. An intelligent algorithm will tell you the exact timeframe you need to take a rest from online gaming. After you agree with the rules of the platform, you won’t be able to access the online platform for a limited time. You may take a rest for one week, month, or year.

The Australian government is serious about the self-exclusion system

As you may know, Australia is a very tech-friendly country. Almost every significant change in technology could affect the Australian business industries. Everything that changed our digital lives has been enabled and enlisted in Australia already.

The country’s parliament gave the green light to bill about the self-exclusion. People who worked on the bill are pleased about the new legislation. Representatives of the government say that the first part of 2020 will be massive for gamers as they may want to take a rest from gaming. As of now, the bill is related to online gaming platforms like slots, casinos, horse racing, etc.

Experts believe that by the end of 2020, the Australian government will start working on the self-exclusion system on the video gaming world that has online platforms. Do you know that Australia is the country of Ubisoft? Yes, many big names in the video game development industry are based in Australia. Industry experts believe that addiction to video games could be a serious issue for Aussies. Australia could be the first country to create a self-exclusion system for video gamers who play online.

Could the self-exclusion system affect on online video game platforms?

Biggest video games have online servers where people can play endless hours. Most of the time, we see that children are spending too much time on servers playing different games. Even most prominent YouTubers in the gaming industry stream their game shows for many hours every day. Could it be a problem for parents? In the long-run, it could be a serious issue. Industry experts believe that the Australian government could be the first country to allow the self-exclusion system on digital servers for digital gamers.

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