Visual novel Your Story launches on Steam today

Visual novel Your Story launches on Steam today

Sometimes you need to listen to the little voice in your head and now you have the opportunity to BE that voice. In the heartwarming visual novel Your Story you will accompany our heroine Lia while she decides to leave the family’s business and write her own tale. You must guide her through the most critical decisions that shape not only her but also the world around her.

Lia has lived at a crossroads inn on a secluded island all her life when suddenly a mysterious guest and other events spark the motivation to discover her true self and go on an adventure. In this visual novel you won’t take control over the character, but rather give her advice on how to handle the many difficult and interesting situations that she will come against. As you are the voice of trust your decisions will impact on what kind of adult Lia will become.

Key features include:

  • More than a visual novel: With a unique blend of a visual novel and point’n’click exploration Your Story allows you to approach different story arcs in any order, leading to multiple conclusions of… your story (no pun intended).
  • Coming of age from a unique perspective: Lia is the main protagonist, but as the player, you don’t take direct control over her. You are her inner voice, who has to convince the sometimes angsty, sometimes cheerful, and occasionally depressed teenager to the desired course of action.
  • Not only your story: It’s not only a tale about you. You will meet various characters, with whom you will build relationships and discover their secrets. The island is full of mystery and everyone you encounter has something to hide. But the grand secret lies beyond the shore, as nobody knows what happens across the sea.
  • See, hear, live…: The gorgeous hand-drawn art style lets you sink deep into the wholesome world of Lia, the inn’s guests and the whole island. Mixed with comic book-style panels, the story hits all your senses with a cozy soundtrack, which accompanies Lia’s life.

Your Story is developed and published by GameLoad studio and is available now on PC through Steam.

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Visual novel Your Story launches on Steam today, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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