Warriors of the Nile – Review
Follow Genre: Strategy
Developer: Stove Studio
Publisher: Gamera Game
Platform: PC - Microsoft Windows
Tested on: PC

Warriors of the Nile – Review

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Warriors of the Nile is a fast-paced PVE game. With just a handful of warriors, the player has to defeat his opponents using chess-like tactics. Tools such as tablets, gear, carvings, and map obstacles will help you battle through hordes of enemies to complete different stages of the game.


The story behind the game is to lead your warriors, who are blessed by the Egyptian gods, to challenge random levels filled with powerful foes. The main quest is to reach the final chapter where the Serpent Apophis resides. Defeating it means bringing back the Sun, that through envy of its power, has been devoured by Apophis. Ending Apophis’ life means completing the game.

The story is compiled out of three chapters and each chapter has nine stages. There are only two cutscenes at the beginning and at the end. Unfortunately, there are no further introductions of each boss at the end of each stage or chapter. There are no dialogues between friends and foes. Throughout each chapter, the heroes pass through a different environment until they reach the final chapter and the final stage. The cutscenes are not voiced by a narrator. It is all visuals with a proper backdrop.


The graphics are basic but satisfying for the eye. It has that gold glamor somewhat similar to the series “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”.

The game is situated on a threedimensional Farmville-like plane under a 45-degree angle. This would remind most players of games such as StarCraft or Age of Empires but with a zoomed-in feeling such as that of Farmville. The models of buildings and characters are also well detailed.

Each checkpoint of the game will change the colors of the stage and the look of your foes. This will give you the illusion that the player and his three warriors are on a journey. It is a particularly well-made illusion. Generally, the implementation of movement on a static battle arena is hard to achieve. The icons such as those of the UI and gears are well designed. They are not as shiny as we see in other strategy games.


The music of the game is something that made a really good impression. You will be greeted by a truly Egyptian-like sound that enforces the feeling that you are in ancient Egypt.

In battle, you have different tracks spread between chapters. This creates a somewhat more diverse soundtrack. The tracks are made intentionally slow-paced, and this might affect one’s thinking of a tactic or a strategic plan.


Warriors of the Nile is a strategy game based on a nine by eight grid battlefield. The game is somewhat similar in a lot of ways to “Into the Breach”. The player has been given three warriors which he has to gear-up in different ways in order to reach the final chapter of the game thus defeating the boss who has devoured the Sun. The warriors are pre-determined by the game and are not expandable.

The game uses chess-like tactics for movement and attacking. The player and the A.I. both have turns, just like in chess. Each turn ends when a player has made his move. However, the difference is that you can move all of your warriors in one turn. This is also the same for the A.I. you are up against. There is no time limit to turns, which lets the player choose his moves wisely and with caution.

Each character has the following stats: attack, defense, health, and movement points. All three warriors have different stats and skills that are useful in different situations. On the map, there are obstacles that are non-destroyable yet useful for the player.

Foes drop gold. There are also units that are passive and give extra gold but leave the stage in a certain amount of passed turns.

At the end of each stage, you will be granted the possibility of acquiring and equipping items. Gearing-up can only be done at the end of each stage. This strengthens the idea of the game and its decision-making. After reaching zero health on each warrior, the game resets to the reached chapter and starts from scratch thus losing any acquired items, tablets, or carvings. This is also seen in games like Dark Souls. This reset makes the game particularly hard in cases where ending at stage eight will result in going back to stage one. Leaving the game unexpectedly will result in a reset of the last saved chapter. The game will automatically save your progress when a chapter has been reached.

The game felt unbalanced at the end of each chapter. Bosses are overwhelming with their power and abilities. An inexperienced player might even give up at his second or third try advancing to stage nine. Buffing the stats of one’s warriors with carvings and plates by making the right decisions will definitely prove challenging as the stages are so random. Positioning is crucial as it is an invisible line of defense that you most definitely will need if you are to reach the higher stages of the game.


Warriors of the Nile is a strategy game based on a nine by eight grid battle arena. It has an ancient Egyptian themed design that corresponds with its sound and music. It has random stages where the player has to defeat hordes of foes and bosses until he can defeat the final boss the Serpent Apophis and bring back the Sun. The game has a simple story with no dialogues and just two cutscenes that explain the story. It is a game for the true strategists among you. The game involves a lot of reading stats and planning for one to advance to the next stage. Managing your defenses is crucial for survival. Choosing between the right gear-ups will be hard but extremely fulfilling when defeating that final boss that you have had a grudge on after few resets. The game might prove challenging for the inexperienced players but It’s definitely worth the try. All in all, it’s a great game that helps train the mind and patience of one’s self.



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Warriors of the Nile – Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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