Xbox shows that gamers and entertainment subscriptions keep people connected

Xbox shows that gamers and entertainment subscriptions keep people connected

With solid numbers showing that 95% of Europeans have an entertainment subscription one way or another, it also seems that gamers use more and more of the available gaming subscriptions. 53% of European gamers play an online multiplayer game through a subscription at least once a week. For Game Pass users this even is 76%! This is more than movies through subscriptions (72%) or music (65%). This all shows how people use gaming to reach out to communicate where close-range communication is not possible or allowed. Subscriptions like the Game Pass also allow people to go on new adventures while staying inside, which is why one of the main games (Sea of Thieves) is so popular.

A great way to also stay connected is via eSports channels. Over the years the eSports scene has massively grown, rivaling actual sports. In the past, we have spoken with Sophia Metz and her ever-growing eSports bars. This is not an uncommon sight anymore, as many countries in the world are now opening (small) gaming-oriented bars to cater to those looking for social interaction with people who share the same interests. Sadly, with the ongoing pandemic, many of these bars are now shut and it’s hard to get your dose of competitive eSports. Luckily, there are sites, such as Playershive, that dedicate themselves to creating a nice community for people who are interested in this online gaming scene. We also see an influx when it comes to sites such as this, which is also great, as it shows that this once-shunned community is now is starting to get more and more accepted.

Not only the eSports world is growing, but also everything which revolves around games. Nowadays, you have more and more people who are creating gaming content, ranging from walkthroughs and guides, to people who stream their favorite games or present us with speed-runs of different titles. The content is diverse and vast, which makes it so that even casual fans can be entertained by this ever-expanding world of gaming. We see games that even try to mimic this experience in a casual fashion for gamers who have a busy schedule. A perfect example of this is the announcement of the upcoming Youtubers Life 2. While the first game didn’t shatter any records, it gained a huge following thanks to its casual gameplay and its interesting concept. The second game is also picked up by a bigger publisher, making sure the sequel will be more polished than the original.

Considering that the gaming industry is one of the biggest entertainment businesses in the world, it’s weird that it’s often a stigmatized topic. Many people would rather mention they just watch Netflix all day, instead mention they like to game now and then. With casual games like Youtubers Life, the opening of eSports bars and dedicated sites, it seems we are on the right track to normalize items such as this. We even see many gamers make a career out of their passion and even earn a steady income with this. That being said, this is no easy feat to achieve, as you’ll have to dedicate yourself to becoming better and better or create engaging content for your viewers.

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