Canyon Capers Rio Fever DLC – Review
Follow Genre: 2D Platformer, Retro, Casual, Indie, Action
Developer: Crazy Moo Games
Publisher: KISS ltd
Platforms: PC

Canyon Capers Rio Fever DLC – Review

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Good: New content such as levels and game mechanics
Bad: Even more running back and forth than the main game
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Football, or soccer in some countries, has always been a famous sport well-liked by many, many kinds of people. Crazy Moo Games decided to use the hype around the WK 2014 and developed a fun yet original DLC for Canyon Capers, namely Rio Fever. In this newest content, Dino Jr will be playing the world’s most favorite sport in a new original mode.


For a full review of Canyon Capers, please refer to the main article.

Just like the main game, there is not much story going on. Dino Jr is taking a break from visiting temples and canyons and is playing the world’s most favorite sport. Dressed up in a soccer tunic, which colors you can change in one of thirty-two world class nations, Dino Jr goes on a quest to claim the World Cup.

The Rio Fever DLC features an all new gameplay in a original football mode while keeping the original Canyon Capers themed levels. In the new game mode, you need to take the ball through the entire level and score a goal at the end of the level. Once the goal is scored, a vortex will appear in the map which you will need to enter just like the main game. All of this is easier said than done as keeping the ball under control is a task on its own. The ball bounces back rather fast, especially when coming in contact with walls. There are many moves you can make, ranging from the traditional kicks to headers to back heels. Additionally, the enemies you have faced in the main game are still present. They will still be able to hurt you and now they are also able to nudge the ball themselves. Mainly the fishes seem to be fond of the ball. If they manage to sent to the ball on the right path, this is all great. However, they will mostly be kicking it the other way which causes you to run back and forth even more than the main game did. Furthermore there are some new ways to advance in the many levels such as key traps which you need to hit with the ball or piñata’s which you will need to break.

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The Rio Fever DLC seems childish but it is a fun take on both Canyon Capers and soccer and it will provide for plenty of enjoyable hours. For its low price, the DLC features plenty of new content and new game mechanics. Therefore, the Rio Fever DLC is a nice addition and a must-have if you already own Canyon Capers as it tends to break the run-and-collect-all gameplay from the base game.

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