FACTS 2023 (Fall)

It feels like yesterday that we were in Ghent for the April edition of FACTS. Sadly (or luckily?), nearly 6 months have passed and the Fall edition of FACTS took place last weekend. This convention has always been one of our favorites, even though not much has changed over the last few years. Last time we made a few small remarks about the same small issues that have been present for a while now, but even so, this is probably one of the best events that Belgium has to offer. With 30 years of experience under the belts of the organizers, we were wondering what this anniversary edition would have in store for us. In all honesty, it felt like every other time we visited the convention, which is absolutely not a bad thing.

Upon entering the main hall, we were once again greeted by many different sellers who offered their best products at marked-up prices. A lot of different types of merchandise were on offer, ranging from retro games, Blu-rays, mangas, and figures to card games, replica swords, and handmade items. We certainly had our pick of the litter, and there was plenty to see if you were having a stroll through the main hall. We did notice that Pokémon cards are the key focus of many sellers, and now that POP! figures have faded a bit more to the background, it seems there was a bit of an overabundance of cardboard Pocket Monsters.

The main hall also incorporated a lot more booths from bigger sponsors, such as Nintendo, JBL, Kinepolis, and several others. While a lot of these booths looked impressive, they also caused a lot of chokepoints in the main hall. As a lot of these impressive-looking attractions always had something to see for the convention-goers, the eager attendees often blocked the pathways. As the focus of the convention has been slowly shifting over the years to a more moderate and family-friendly experience, we couldn’t help but get run over by a lot of strollers and parents who simply pushed through the crowd, expecting everyone to jump out of the way for their family outing. This also counts for outfits that drag over the floor and trollies, sometimes also causing trip hazards.

While this has nothing to do with the event itself, we notice that a lot of convention-goers are getting more arrogant and seemingly have a lot less respect for other visitors. The latter could also be noticed in the food hall, which was in many ways an improvement over the random food stalls that have always littered the main hall. Attendees felt like they didn’t have to clean up after themselves, and as a result, most tables were full of empty food containers, food remains, and so on. We did notice a lack of trash cans (that were empty) in the food hall. For future editions, if a few more staff members are assigned to waste disposal in the food hall, we believe that the separate food hall is a great improvement.

For this latest edition, an extra hall was added to the experience, where mainly the arts and crafts stands were moved to. While this hall was certainly a fun addition, the layout was quite awkward, but it was fun that all these stands were neatly in one place. There were also a few other activities in the hallway, which caused a few chokepoints, but all in all, this extra hall certainly made the convention feel even bigger.

Even though we may have made a few negative remarks, FACTS is still very much worth visiting. There is more than enough to see and do, and the extra halls often provide fun insights into certain fan groups, cosplay activities, and so on. You could enjoy playing a few board games in a separate hall, and even Lorcana enthusiasts could learn the game. It’s activities like these, in combination with the fun merchandise for sale, that truly make this a fun and unique experience.

As always, the convention also did have a few impressive celebrity guests (and artists) who were eager enough to receive the hordes of fans. We do hope that for next year a few more celebrity guests are added to the roster.


The anniversary Fall edition of FACTS was certainly amusing and even though huge events such as this cannot get everything down to a T, this is still one of the best conventions Belgium has to offer. We are always happy to see FACTS grow in size, even though this may cause a bit of congestion in the halls here and there. If you’re looking for a fun day out or if you’re looking to go home with a few spiffy items for your collection, FACTS is still a great convention to visit. We can’t wait to see what FACTS 2024 will be like.

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