Numskull Jurassic Park Merchandise – Review

Numskull has a lot of projects under its umbrella, and we were more than fortunate enough to take a look at a few of them. We recently discussed Battle Axe, a Numskull published title, but we have also taken a closer look at their range of collectible rubber ducks, the TUBBZ. We have had a few cool packages being delivered to us which included TUBBZ ducks from the Street Fighter franchise, the second wave of Resident Evil ducks, but also a few of the Bloodbath series. Now, we are going back in time with Numskull’s Jurassic Park merchandise, which includes a nifty Switch case, a LED charging cable with extra thumb grips, but also two new TUBBZ ducks. We can immediately say that we loved the duckified versions of Hammond and Nedry, but we also enjoyed the gaming merchandise we were sent.

Micro-USB LED Charge Cable & Thumb Grips (PS4 and Xbox One)

This small set could have been such a nice item if it was a next-gen package. Don’t get us wrong, it is still a very nice combo pack with a lot of fun finishing touches, but it would have been amazingly cool to have this package with a USB-C cable, as this would immediately cater to Switch and PS5 users. We reckon most last-gen gamers already have the peripherals they need, and Micro-USB is becoming more and more obsolete. Nonetheless, this set looks very spiffy. The LED lighting of the cable is very nice, especially for gamers who like to game with the lights dimmed. The thumb grips are somewhat basic, but they are well-made. The smaller logos added to the USB plug and Micro-USB plug are nice finishing touches, which show that a lot of care went into designing this set. The 1.5-meter cable should suffice for many gamers, but those sitting far away from their home cinema setup may require a longer cable.

Switch Case

Often with merchandise such as this, it lacks actual quality. Licensed merch often looks good, but tends to break down easily, or use cheap materials. This is absolutely not the case for the Jurassic Park Switch Case. We were not only treated to a very good-looking protective case for our Switch, but also a quality piece of protection. The outer shell is very hard and can easily withstand some pressure. There’s sufficient padding on the inside, making sure your Switch rests quite comfortably in its prehistoric carrying case. On the inside, you’ll also have several pockets to store a few Switch cartridges, which feel fairly securely in place when stored in the rubberband-like pockets. Other than that, the top lid also has a small netted pocket, allowing you to bring a charging cable to wherever you’re going. The added carrying handle is also a great plus. We also saw this on the Fixture S1 Carrying CaseSmall touches such as this, make cases like these stand out from the competition.

Dr John Hammond & Dennis Nedry TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectibles

We were like kids in a candy store when these two ducks came out of the box that was shipped to us. Both Hammond and Nedry look amazingly detailed and even without the name of the character on the box, they looked so authentic and so much like their human versions. The small details are such a delight to see. Both wear very spiffy-looking glasses, and each holds their own iconic prop. Hammond holds his cane, with the mosquito in the piece of amber, whereas Nedry is holding his canister of Barbasol shaving cream he used to smuggle dinosaur embryos out of the park. Both also wear their familiar clothes from the movie, and they are just very nicely sculpted. As we stated last time; the company has come a long way since the first waves of TUBBZ ducks were released around two years ago.


We did very much enjoy the new Jurassic Park products that Numskull has released. In all honesty, we had a soft spot for the two new TUBBZ ducks, as they may actually be the most detailed ones that have been released so far. We loved how they respected the source materials and how authentic they looked. The Switch case was also a big surprise, as it was extremely sturdy, good-looking and just a piece of quality protection for your Switch. The combo pack with the LED charging cable and the thumb grips felt like it was the least interesting item, as it is mainly directed towards last-gen consoles, rather than next-gen (which mainly uses USB-C). Overall, as a whole, this range of products will be quite attractive to diehard Jurassic Park fans.

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