OnePlus x Fortnite

OnePlus x Fortnite

It’s hard to believe, but Fortnite came into the gaming industry in 2017. This game took the world by storm, and even though there are many older gamers playing this Battle Royale title, it was also massively hyped for younger gamers. We saw a massive influx when it came to merchandising, be it in the form of clothing, plushies, figurines and even spin-off board games like the Fortnite Monopoly version. To cater to an even bigger audience, Epic Games started a partnership with OnePlus to make the mobile version of the game as smooth as possible, cranking up the frame rate to 90FPS. Reviewing Fortnite is quite useless, as it is an established name in the gaming world, we were curious to see if our eyes could handle 90FPS. We were given the chance to play the mobile version of Fortnite on the OnePlus 8 which was delivered to us for this short test.

For starters, keep in mind that the mobile version is nowhere near as fluid in terms of gameplay as the original PC or even console versions of the game. You have fairly intuitive controls, and the game indeed runs very fluidly on the OnePlus 8 we were allowed to use for this experience. The game runs smoothly, loading times seem fairly ok and the overall screen is well-suited for this experience. It’s fun to play the game without any lag, that is caused by the device, rather than your internet connection.

It’s pointless to dive in the gameplay elements of the game, as the game is basically a Battle Royale game where it’s about the last man standing. Nonetheless, the Creative Mode has added a lot of new factors to the gameplay, where you can pretty much determine the flow of future matches etc. In this mode you can opt to change the base rules, create your own island, add clutter qs you like, and thus tailor the experience to your own wants and needs. Or you could simply make a fun experience for you and your friends.

In the Creative Mode, or at least in the available Creative Islands, the partnership with OnePlus also added some extra content for mobile players. You can opt to play several mini-games to spice up your entire Fortnite experience. These are pretty much based on movement, which has always been an important part when it comes to Fortnite. Of course, there will be certain explosive events too, but there is a lot of platforming and running going on in these four new added mini-games.

OnePlus is also working on original content in the form of emotes and such, but those are pretty much just cosmetic exclusives that don’t really add anything to the actual gameplay. You can think of these as exclusive skins for preorders or just buying a skin in League of Legends.

While a phone review is not exactly in order, OnePlus has done some hardware upgrades to its phone to make sure you have the best gaming experience, even outside of your Fortnite experience. Things include a proper display, a higher RAM insertion in the phone, quick-charge functions and a Game Space app, in which you can activate the Fnatic Mode, where you can adjust CPU and GPU settings.


It’s very nice to see that hardware brands are trying to optimize a certain gaming experience, even if it’s only for a certain game, or to reel in more possible clients. Nonetheless, mobile gaming is becoming bigger and bigger and it’s great to have smartphone manufacturers also cater to gamers. While Fortnite is still very much Fortnite, be it on a OnePlus or a Samsung, there are clear performance differences and if you’re looking for a proper gaming phone, the OnePlus 8 might surprise you.

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