The Horde and Alliance clash in the newest Hearthstone expansion

The Horde and Alliance clash in the newest Hearthstone expansion

Fractured in Alterac Valley, the latest expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit digital card game Hearthstone, is live TODAY! The expansion wraps up the Year of the Gryphon with an epic battle between the Horde and Alliance.

Fractured in Alterac Valley introduces 135 all-new cards inspired by the legendary titular battleground from World of Warcraft, which defined the war between the Horde and Alliance for millions of players around the world. Players will choose between the Horde or Alliance and gain one free Golden Legendary card based on which faction they select to support (players will need to choose a faction before the launch of the next full expansion to receive their free Golden Legendary). To inspire the warriors of the Horde and Alliance to muster for battle, players will earn Honor Points for their faction through January 11 by playing games in Ranked, Arena, and Duels modes. All players will receive a Diamond Legendary version of the faction leader whose side earned the most Honor Points, to be granted during the launch of the upcoming mini-set.

To turn the tide of war in their favor, players can add to their decks’ minions, weapons, or spells with the new keyword Honorable Kill. It grants a bonus effect if they deal the exact amount of damage required to kill a minion on their turn. They can also rally the Mercenary heroes who have fought valiantly throughout the Year of the Gryphon’s yearlong narrative as powerful new Hero Cards.

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