Gal Gun: Double Peace – Review
Follow Genre: Shooter
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: PQube
Platform: PS4, PS Vita
Tested on: PS4

Gal Gun: Double Peace – Review

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Good: Solid gameplay, Original humor, Decent story
Bad: The lack of subtitles during gameplay, repetitive soundtrack
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To be quite frank, when Gal Gun: Double Peace’s trailer landed in the editor’s room, we were not sure what to think about it after watching it. At first glance it looked like a weird, pervy hentai game, which it of course turned out to be. This could, of course go two ways, since we had yet to play it. Now we finally had a chance to play this mysterious oddity, to ease our curiosity and of course, share our thoughts with you. So, here it goes.



In Gal Gun: Double Peace, we play as Houdai, a student who’s not so popular with the ladies and never really knew true love. Which would probably have lasted for the rest of his life, until an angel named Ekoro, accidentally shoots him with a huge dose of ‘fascination’ which could be compared to at least a dozen of Cupid’s arrows.

After this, everything changes, since the poor sap becomes every girl’s desire. Which does not make his life any easier to say the least. His only hope to fend of the hordes of ladies, is to shoot them with pheromone bullets, to bring them into an utter state of euphoria. Since the effects will only last until the end of the day, and because of the high dosage he will become immune to these arrows once the effects wear off, he only has 24 hours to find his one true love, before turning into a lonely, unloved single guy. Even though all of the above souncs rather cliché, we found it to be rather original, combined with the weird humor that falls right into place.



While being rather easy on the eye, the graphics are not what you would expect from a PS4- title, this far in its life cycle. It’s of course watchable, and all movement has been done right, but not much more. The cut scenes in between are nicely brought like a visual novel, which we enjoyed. We weren’t left unstatisfied by the end result, yet we wouldn’t mind it being a little more up to today’s standards. We also assumed there would be a lot of nudity in this game, although there are moments, where you’ll encounter some girls in lingerie. So all in all it’s rather suggestive, while remaining innocent.


The soundtrack is really upbeat, but rather repetitive and because of this, it becomes rather bland. On the other hand, the sound effects and voices fall right into place. The spoken dialogue is Japanese only, which we always find enjoyable. The only down side here is the fact that we don’t get any subtitles during the gameplay. This makes the many enjoyable mini games kind of impossible to comprehend, since there is a whole lot of talking going on during playing it.



This game plays like an on rail light gun shooter, without a gun peripheral and it does this surprisingly well. Also, having to put the ladies who were chasing after us, down with some well aimed shots to bring them to a heavenly bliss of ecstasy, turned out to be rather amusing. There is not much variation in the shooting part of the game, except for times when  you need to shoot tiny demons, who are possessing the girls that haunt you. Other than that, there’s not much variation. Yet, sometimes this formula can be enough, since the harder levels will give you a run for your money, since you will have to time and aim your shots more accurately. In addition to this, there are a ton of unlockables in this game, for which you’ll need a few playthroughs.

Also, the dialogue options we had in conversations were ludicrous and extremely lewd, which made it kind of funny on one hand, yet uncomfortable at times. All these dialogue options did have a point, since they have an influence on the ending you get to experience. Although the game is rather short, with a playthrough time of 3-4 hours, it does not fall short, since we have different ladies to win over as our soulmate, and plenty of different options during the game, who have an impact on the outcome. Also, it’s one of the funniest games we ever played, thanks to the absurd humor.



Gal Gun: Double Piece is a game that never tries to be anything more, nor less than what it seemed to be. The weird an pervy humor strangely always falls into place and the gameplay is so enjoyable, yet simple it boosts us through the entire game. Story wise this game also stands out, since the clichés and the weirdness fall right into place. The lack of subtitles during gameplay puts a damper on a still enjoyable ride and the music could’ve been a tad more varied. Although not many people will put this game on the top of their wish list, it’s a surprisingly decent game, while rough on the the edges.


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Gal Gun: Double Peace - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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