Lava Simulcharge USB (TL-002) – Hardware Review
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Developer: LAVA Computer MFG
Publisher: LAVA Computer MFG
Platform: Samsung Tablets - list specified in review

Lava Simulcharge USB (TL-002) – Hardware Review

Good: Easy to use, 'Hub-functions'
Bad: Price might scare off casual users
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Frequent users of Samsung’s popular tablets might all share a similar annoyance. Running out of power when streaming a movie from your USB stick or perhaps running out of power when connecting a controller to that ‘oh-so-important’ mini-USB port that is also needed by your charger. LAVA might have designed their Simulcharge USB in such a fashion that solves those problems, to a certain extent.


Note: Keep in mind that the Simulcharge USB only works with a set of Samsung devices. At the moment the device is only compatible with the Samsung Tab 4 (8.0”, 10.1”), Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO (8.4”, 10.1”, 12.2”), Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4”, 10.5”) and the Note tablets will receive support later. Also – this is the second version of the device and thus not the model that is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


There is not that much to discuss, when it comes to the overall design of the product. You’ll be presented with a small mini-USB cable and a small black box with two mini-USB ports and normal USB port.


Whilst design wise the LAVA Simulcharge USB might be fairly simple, it still packs a decent amount of ‘comfort’ features or at least certain practicalities.

You’ll immediately see that the Simulcharge USB consists out of two pieces, namely the mini-USB cable and the small connector box. Whilst some people may dislike the fact that it is not one device, it actually brings a lot more positive points than negative ones, to design the device in such a fashion. For starters, you’ll be able to connect any mini-USB to mini-USB cable with the ‘box’, which gives you to option to use a longer cable, if needed or replace the cable if it is broken.

The box with the extra ports is as small as a lot of USB-sticks, this means it will hardly take up space in your backpack or sleeve in which you store your tablet. Another small plus, that makes this a useful device



  • Able to charge your Samsung tablet and use an USB device at the same time (1 port)
  • 1 USB port and 2 mini-USB ports (one is required to connect to your Samsung tablet)


Most items that are featured in this review could actually be placed in the comfort section, seeing the product is actually all about user comfort under the guise of one ‘simple’ function.

The Simulcharge USB allows you to plug in a mini-USB cable and a USB device at the same time. Some of you may or may not know that the Samsung tablets mentioned above only have one mini-USB port. This port is either used to plug in a mini-USB to USB cable – or the charging cable that uses the same mini-USB port. LAVA’s device creates some kind of ‘hub’ in which you can run both at the same time, in order to create more options, as well as comfort.

You’ll notice that this function will be the most useful in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to plug in your tablet and for example an USB stick to stream a movie, without having to worry about running out of battery life. On the road, with no power supply nearby, the device proves to be less functional. Trains and other public places are starting to offer more and more electrical outlets and thus it’s certainly smart to bring the device with you.


The USB port on the Simulcharge recognized all the devices we connected. Controllers proved to be plug and play, as well as keyboards, mice and other USB-powered devices. That being said, it is possible that certain older devices will not be recognized or perhaps those that need special software to run, might not be compatible with the tablet’s software/OS.

Overall there are no real downsides about the device, except for the retail price. With an official price around $40 in the United States and €50 in Europe, this proves to be a reasonable investment, for those who hardly use two devices at the same time. Seeing the list of supported tablets also include some more powerful devices, it’s only natural some will serve for working purposes or even gaming related purposes. If you tend to game/work a lot at home on your device, it might be an investment that really pays off.


LAVA’s TL-002 Simulcharge USB proves to be a simple yet very practical device for Samsung tablet users. You’ll be able to use the extra USB device that suits your fancy but still be able to charge your device. If you combine your tablet a lot with USB devices, then the investment might be worth considering.

Those who wish to learn more or purchase such a device, click here.

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Lava Simulcharge USB (TL-002) - Hardware Review, 4.4 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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